Which Treasures are Buried in Ravi River Front City Project?

Let’s dig deep into the treasures hidden in the new Dubai-like city planned on the outskirts of Lahore. The new city famous with the name of ‘most modern city’ is to be developed by Punjab government over an area of more than one 100,000 acres near Lahore.

Salient Constructions of Ravi Riverfront Development Project

  • A 36-kilometer-long concrete channel for the Ravi River.
  • Water Treatment Plants, Barrages, Lake: 46 km area.
  • New City Developments Include green belts, parks, and recreation areas.
  • 1 Km wide,15-feet deep channel from the siphon on BRB canal to the Maraca area.
  • Modern piers &  boardwalks, 70% area dedicated to trees.
  • 25,000 acres of riverfront would be sold to investors for business, cultural and lifestyle activities.

Phases of Construction

Ravi Riverfront will be developed in three phases. In the first phase, a lake covering 46 kilometers area from Ravi siphon to Hudaira, 6 wastewater treatment plants, 3 barrages, and an urban forest would be developed during the first 3 years.

“With a length of 46 kilometers and a width of 3280 feet surrounded by a 33 feet high wall, it would look like a gift of nature for the people of Lahore. We have envisaged a city of future dreams. It will meet the water needs of Lahore till 2045,” the government representative has commented.

Division of zones

The new urban development will be divided into facilitated and recreational zones including:

  • Innovation City
  • Medical City
  • Sports City
  • Financial City
  • Knowledge City

The city of Lahore is all set to have a new modern neighborhood in days to come. The urban sprawlers are soon going to dwell in a vast and developed area rather than in a congested and polluted city of Lahore. Imran Khan has given life to the old idea that was first suggested in 1947 by the then Deputy Commissioner of Lahore. 

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