The new law will secure women’s inheritance

Islam has taught us to protect women’s rights and give them their share of the inheritance. However, that has not been the case. Those with no power and no man standing behind them have often been robbed of their land and deeds. But all of this will now change. The very first case under the WOMENS PROPERTY RIGHTS ACT has proven to be fruitful as the Islamabad administration has helped retrieve an old widows land from the land-grabbing mafia.

To make sure that favors aren’t granted to favorable parties, the government has given authority to the federal ombudswoman of deciding the outcome of cases related to women’s inheritance. The local ombudswoman will also protect women from collecting rent from those who refuse to give it. Moreover, also help them manage tenants that do not respect their wishes. For example, tenants that will not leave the premises after repeated requests.

The new law gives women the power to file a complaint about ownership or possession of properties where they have been cheated of possession by any means as long as the property does not have any pending cases in court.

Suppose a woman is unable to file a complaint for some reason. Any person or NGO could do so on her behalf. The local ombudswoman role will not end after inquiry, but the law gives them the power to ensure the implementation of the order. They can do this by using local police or other district administration officials.

Once the ombudswoman takes a decision no court can grant a stay order or question the legitimacy of the decision taken.

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