The BRRRR Strategy: Exploring new avenues of Real Estate Arena

The BRRRR strategy is short for “Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat”, and is an efficient method of investing in rental real estate. The plan of action revolves around finding a tormented property and then tweaking it up with additional aesthetics.

The real estate industry has been saturated with a variety of investment policies. The question about making money through real estate transactions has always been hovering the industry. There are modern strategies popping up to the operational surface. Many real estate businesses focus on skimming out the best policy to cultivate maximum returns on investment. While not all are equally effective, the BRRRR strategy is a good primer for getting started with hands-on real estate functions. 

Strategy Implementation

Using the art of house flipping and then not selling the property but renting it out is the basic plan of action of the BRRRR method. The goal is to refinance the property and extract back the money you have invested- You actually recover your investments, plus the profits. In short, you pay nothing and gain profits. The risk levels are minimized due to the 25% inclusive equity.

The past decade has witnessed the BRRRR Strategy going viral in the real estate sector. Especially if building up passive income over time is your goal, the BRRRR Strategy is mandatory to implement. Let’s break it down:

Revealing the acronym BRRRR


Buy an undervalued property in the first place. Work your magic on it. Repairs add value to the deal of getting a rental property.


After buying the property, it has to go through a phase of rehabilitation to eas the renting process.


After you have a suitable tenant for renting your property, the money will start coming up.


Once the rental income comes into play, it is easier to refinance it. This is the golden strategy that will recover your invested money and you can back out to invest further in the real estate circles.


The process is a recurring one as you can reinvest the recovered money into finding a great deal and keep on expanding the investment loop.

BRRRR method keeps you reaping benefits from the cycles of real estate mechanisms by offering an inexpensive way to keep you up with the buying rentals. It is recommended that you keep an account of your investments beforehand in order to calculate your profits. You can browse through BRRRR calculators in this context.

Summary of B-R-R-R-R cycle

Start with finding a low-market deal.  Buy it. Make sure the total investment in the property is less than or equal to 75% of the After Repair Value (ARV). It will include repairs, renovations, closing costs, purchase costs, etc. It is all about understanding the following formula:

BRRRR Formula

Total Investment = ARV x 75%

Spend your hard money in retouching the interiors and exteriors. Keenly work on the vista of the place. Focus on Rehab. Play with the weak areas and uplift the altogether outlook. When you are good to go with the panorama your place offers, it is recommended to move forward with renting out the property. This is a remarkable way to consolidate your rental portfolio fast and quick. Don’t forget to consider the market standards while you put it out on rent. Taking up the rents will help you refinance the original amount you invested initially on the property. Now, the profit earned after subtracting the cash-out refinance is the new down-payment for your next move. The B-R-R-R-R cycle keeps on flowing this way- Your profits keep on building up simultaneously. Repeat the process!

There are multiple advantages to the BRRRR method to invest strategically. An invaluable property turns out to be valuable at the end. The potential for returns is high.  It is wise to start your real estate business with this strategy in order to keep the cash-flows high, right from the beginning.  It is recommended to keep track of the equity that is being built up during the rehab processes. Finally, look for better tenants that would translate your investments into rising cash-flows.

The outcome is delicious

Investors have been stacking up piles of wealth by saving money gained from profits of real estate investment. Waiting for a long time and sacrificing the current coins for a future award- and the future was unpredictable too. The secret to a quick recovery of the initial costs and projected profits is finally out! BRRRR strategy in the real estate industry has altogether remolded the fundamentals of the sector. The outcomes consist of revealing true calculations about profits and financial freedom. The real estate barriers are no more operational when you have the BRRRR strategy in your mind. You being an active real estate investor can move from buying three houses per year to getting them in a month, only if you gear up your mind with the easy-to-follow BRRRR plan of action.

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