Shaping the Real Estate Industry using the New Age Design

We at have come a long way, and we always focus more on the working of a product instead of the looks. Understanding the fundamentals of WHY WE DO is of supreme value to us and is always considered for discussion, be it a design or a delivery of the product.

Innovations and technological advancements have evolved the real estate industry and its consumers to a great extent. Here are some great fundamental ideas to be followed.

  1. Make an exceptional first impression.
  2. De-clutter user interface. (Focusing on essential content)
  3. Design for the interruption. (One primary action per screen)
  4. Make self-evident navigation.
  5. Create a unified experience (Omni Channel Approach).

For most of us, buying a home is not an instant decision; rather, it takes effort and time to come to an agreement. This is not an easy task, but it can be interesting if done systematically and with the right approach. Knowing the users is always the first step at, and it does so through contextual queries, targeted group discussions, usability testing, and other UX methodologies. The focus on user experience allows the design to focus on the user, who is also imbued with our product design culture.

Last but not least, even within an organization, training is required on what is user experience. An individual or team is not responsible for providing exceptional customer service. At, all stakeholders, be they technology, product, design, human resources, marketing, and others, know the value a great user experience brings. Hence, we do our best to provide value to the user. I strongly believe that user experience and work go hand in hand, and there must be a perfect balance between the two.

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