Punjab Highway Patrol to launch One-District-One-Road project in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi: The Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) plans to launch the One-District-One-Project (ODOR) project in all 4 districts of Rawalpindi with the aim of strengthening the traffic rules following protocols and mitigating the rules violations of overloading, over-speeding, etc.

The details reveal that the ODOR initiative has been successful in reducing the frequency of road accidents in D.G Khan and Sargodha to 40% during its pilot phase. The motorists of the area have become more careful due to the implementation of the new initiative. The same results are expected by its implementation in Rawalpindi.

According to the ODOR Program, the PHP traffic police will make sure that the violators of the traffic rules shall be liable to paying fines, facing legal actions, and vehicle impoundment. The first phase of the initiative includes monitoring of highways and roads of Chakwal Jhelum Road, Mandra-Chakwal Road, Fateh Jang-Kohat Road, and Jhelum-Pind Dadan Khan Road.

Also, the PHP will spread awareness to the motorists and drivers about ODOR and the significance of following traffic rules while driving on roads.

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