Property Locations in Pakistan with high Prospects of Return on Investment

If you are planning on investing your savings to something that gives good ROI (Return on Investment), then you might want to grasp a bit of research on locations and where the prospects on such dealings are high.

It is not an easy decision when picking the best location for a good real estate investment because it’s a risk of whether your hard-earned money will float successfully or drown. Just like the other industries and markets, real estate also fluctuates at a bigger level – Chances of higher returns are based on factors like security, maintenance, and market competition.

Quite similar to anything out there in the world; let’s take ‘stocks’ for example:

Share prices in the stock market and changes in those prices occur because of market forces. The infamous rule of Supply and demand for example. If more people are buying it (demand), rather than selling it (supply), the prices will go up. Which begs the question, how is that relevant to the real estate market?

Real Estate market is pretty much the same and depends on the market force, considering that people are always looking for materials that meet their needs, wants, desires; their residential needs reflect comfort, safety, and luxury. If these standards are met, people would consider buying residential houses in that particular area. For instance, people buy property in Pakistan preferably in such particular areas like DHA schemes, PAF, and NHS. This is because most of these schemes have the luxury, comfort, and secure living people mostly desire, and due to that fact, these areas hold more potential on profitable returns.

Now that was for the people who are looking forward to buying a new home or apartment in either of the cities. For those who are looking for a healthy investment, profitable and secure residential areas are not the only option. This means that popular avenues which are still under development but show great potential could be your big real estate investment dream come true.

This could be the freshly developed housing schemes and newly built malls for a better commercial investment. Down below are some potential locations in Pakistan where you can land your big deal without having to worry about the risk of losing.


Land in Karachi for real estate investment

Plots in the DHA city hold a promising growth as well as Bahria town Karachi. You might be questioning this suggestion due to these locations being far out in the outskirts of Karachi, but these avenues hold potential due to them being a small city like structure in their own aspects. Meaning, DHA City and Bahria Town Karachi hold the potential to becoming one of the very few fantabulous, huge, and developed schemes that Karachi has ever seen. Due to this fact, the prospects for land price in these particular housing schemes will rise splendidly.

Houses in Karachi  

Speaking for the houses, there are societies which have shown great potential and have actually exceeded expectations, however there is still room for you to invest in good residential areas and still buy property in Karachi. Areas like Falcon, and Naval Housing schemes are already set in the higher ranges but if you have the capital, they have the security and the lifestyle you desire.

Speaking of Capital, phase 8, DHA’s Creek Vista Apartment are a safe bed if you have got the savings for it. Property prices are always going to show a steady growth, all you need to do is be patient.


Land in Lahore

In Lahore, State life society shows a bright growth for return on investments, and it is located in the south of Cantt area & Lahore airport. Since the past few months there has been an increase in the prices of land and seems probable. Lake City Lahore is another potential area for investments, it provides the security and is a beautifully designed housing scheme which shows great potential for the future growth. One of the best options to consider for residential and commercial interests.

Houses in Lahore

Johar town G Sector is the fastest growing area if you are considering a residential investment interest. The prices have been fair and in the past 2 years there has been a decent increase in the land and house value. However, considering how fast the sector is developing with commercial market, its highly likely that the rates will go higher in the coming times.


Land in Islamabad

In Islamabad, the sector B-17, which is located at the west of Margalla hills shows that the value of the land in that section has increased, considering that it connects easy to the Kashmir highway, it’s future value can be on the brighter side. Another Location in Islamabad is the Phase 8 of Bahria Town, as it is known about the Bahria Town projects that they never fail to surprise, there is still a lot of room for people to invest and profit from in the ever-perfect housing scheme everybody knows has The Bahria Town.

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