Latest Trends – All you need to know about Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a new trend that new home buyers can now choose. Here’s all you want to know about Smart Lighting.

After smart speakers, smart TVs, and smart smartphones, home buyers in the new era can now choose from the many smart lighting options on the market. These lighting systems can be controlled by gestures, voice commands, remote control or even mobile apps. The idea is to allow the user to easily control the lighting and at the same time reduce energy consumption by reducing the number of times the lights were left switched on or when no one is in the room.

Get to know about Smart Lighting System

Smart Lighting and Smart Switches are two types of Smart lighting Systems. You can connect smart bulbs to existing lighting fixtures and use them to dim light or change warmth and color. Some of them can be controlled via mobile apps. This application allows you to adjust the brightness of the light. If these bulbs are colored, you can also change their color. You can also save these settings for different times of the day or activity that you do. For example, you might have one light atmosphere for dining, another for watching movies, and a third for reading. You can change all these moods using the mobile app. You can also control lighting with low voice modes or personal assistants.

On the other hand, smart light switches can actually replace existing switches that you can also operate with remote control. You don’t need to change existing lights, but you will only be able to use limited features like dimming or changing colors.

Workings of A Smart Lighting System

Typically, all smart lighting systems use grid networks where all smart lights are connected to each other. This network is controlled by a hub that is connected to your router and can be paired with other network-connected devices, such as a phone or tablet, to communicate with light sources. Some systems also allow you to control the lights when you are away from home, as not all systems require a swing mechanism. You can also add additional accessories and items to customize your lighting settings, such as brightness switches or motion sensors. Some modern lighting systems also allow users to create complex frameworks that can control specific lighting settings for specific objects. In fact, instant message notification on your smartphone can cause flickering in fancy colors.

Smart lighting can also be easily controlled these days with smart speakers including Apple’s Homekit, Google Home, or Amazon’s Echo. You can use these voice assistants, which will use your voice commands to transmit information to your smart lighting network. Users should be aware that most smart lighting apps are only compatible with Android and iOS. Windows mobile users may have to use alternative devices.

Cost to Install a Smart Lighting System

If you are planning to switch to smart lighting to save energy, you might be disappointed. However, over the years it has become quite cheaper. A decent 9-watt bulb from a good brand will cost between Rs 600 and 900, depending on specs and features. Likewise, a smart plug will set you back around Rs 900-1100, depending on the brand and the features you want to use. If you want to replace all your current bulbs with smart ones, it can cost you Rs 30,000 to 40,000 as you have to build one hub that connects to your devices.

Is it worth it?

The preference for smart lighting is subjective. If you want to avoid significant upfront expenses or if you are cost-conscious then you should not go for a smart lighting as non-smart LEDs will be more efficient for such people. However, if you feel the experience is way more important than the cost, smart lighting is worth having. Smart light strips, bulbs, and spotlights can completely transform the ambiance. You can save light settings, also called recipes, for different activities, rooms, or events. Smart lights with voice activation give you a futuristic home, which can make your living experience more fun, especially if you have kids at home who would enjoy different kinds of mood lighting.

Smart lighting is a personal preference. If you care about cost, conventional LED lights will be more efficient as you can avoid high initial installation costs. However, if you feel that experience is far more important than value, then smart lighting is worth a try. Smart lamps, spotlights, and light strips can completely change the atmosphere. You can save lighting settings, also called recipes, for different rooms, events, or activities. Acoustic-activated smart lights create a futuristic home that makes your life more enjoyable, especially if you have kids who like different mood lighting.

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