Dolmen Mall offers 15% Rental Waiver to Brand Stores

Karachi: In the wake of disasters caused by coronavirus, the management of the Dolmen Mall Clifton has put forward its decision to reduce its minimum license fee for the restaurants and fast-food chains functioning in the premises. Furthermore, there is an offer put forward for the retail tenants of the mall who will receive a 15% waiver on their rentals.

In order to offer relief to local and global food outlets in the domain of Dolmen Mall Clifton, the management has decided a discount on the minimum license fee (The exact amount of the relief isn’t mentioned in the notification document).

The board of directors has also decided to waive off 15% rentals for the month of Septemeber for the owners of retail outlets operating within the mall’s premises. This waiver isn’t applicable to the tenants that offer essential services like banks, supermarts, food, etc.

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