Corona virus Precautions to be followed when the Lock Down is lifted

Corona Virus Lockdown has struck the world like an unprecedented calamity, following the epidemic of corona-infection. The infectious agent has altogether transformed the dynamics of the global arena. From day-to-day chores to overall GDP numerics have been remodeled. The rapid roll-out of coronavirus pandemic needed to be curtailed. The efforts of the think-tanks resulted in locking down the citizens and equipping them with necessary precautions. While the educational, economic, industrial sectors are being hit by the invisibly small, monster-like virus, government officials have pulled up their socks to prioritize the citizens over everything else.

It’s time to recall the advice: Precaution is better than cure. The cliche has always been striking our ear-drums, but now we know the significance. COVID-19 has come up with a long list of life-lessons for the existing human race.

Narrowing down to Pakistan, the government policies have loosened the noose a little bit to keep active, the economic wheel of the country. In terms of lifting up of coronavirus lockdown, after a consensus of policy-makers, some institutions have been exempted from the virus lockdown. In this case, citizens need to be equipped with the necessary precautions to take when lockdown is lifted. To stay updated about the acts that can shield you from the harmful interaction of coronavirus infections are listed below:

The most important and not-to-be ignored at any cost precaution is to mindfully focus on your personal hygiene and social distancing. This has been understood by most of the individuals but there needs to be an updated list to help you understand the precautions, in a more relate-able way.

Precautions to be followed when the lockdown is lifted

Your loved ones would be quite concerned these days when you arrive or depart for work. While the virus hasn’t been curbed fully, the economic wheel still needs to continue the motion. Otherwise, there is a big risk of lower-class being pushed below the poverty line. Here is a list of what you should prompt your family members about, when they are about to leave for work, or come home.

Individual Precautions for employees

On individual levels, people leaving their homes for offices that are open and exempted from lockdown need to stick to the following fight-corona strategies:

  • Avoid bio-metric attendance
  • Keep a cover (mask) on your face to avoid atmospheric contact
  • Use hand-sanitizer off-and-on
  • Consider hand-washing frequently, and for 20 seconds at least
  • Avoid contact with eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Shower a spray of disinfection to your spaces; especially the door handles, laptops, elevator buttons, drinking taps, fax machines, etc.
  • Keep up with the latest COVID-19 trends
  • Keep an eye on the areas that are infected with coronavirus people; Avoid going there.
  • If unwell, pay a priority visit to the doctor. Don’t hide your condition.

Homes are the safest zones nowadays. But as some sectors have initiated day-to-day activities, feels it obligatory to release the precautionary statements to allow people to stay safe on the streets.

Preventive Measures at Working Zones

The offices that have been exempted from the coronavirus lockdown have their employs on-board. They ought to follow below preventive measures to repel the infectious-agents of the hovering virus.

  • Inspect and disinfect the entrances and exits
  • Maintain air-conditioning and ventilation systems
  • High traffic areas and frequently-accessed surfaces to be disinfected at priority
  • Cleaning the office accessories and workspaces 
  • Cordon off the areas with signs and barriers like safety cones and tapes.
  • Provide necessary instructions to the employees.
  • Define SOPs as shaped by the governmental authorities
  • Regular monitoring and inspection mechanisms to adapt to the safety protocols

Helpline: Where you can contact in case of an emergency situation?

The coronavirus alarms ringing worldwide has brought the health professionals around the world to come on one page. While the doctors and nurses of our country are standing in the front-line to save humanity, they deserve appreciation. But, on individual levels, every person coming out of his home after an ease in lockdown, needs to make easy the work-load on these health professionals. You shouldn’t struggle at your home if, God forbid, you attract any of the symptoms outlined by WHO guides you to contact the officials in case you encounter someone showing the symptoms of the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

Helpline in Pak: 1166

You can also turn to WHO consultation services they provide through Whats App.

The ease of lock down and delivery services

The flexibility in lock down allows courier and food delivery services to function within the assigned SOPs. TCS, DHL, FedEx, and Food Panda, Eat Mubarak, etc are working with advanced hygienic protocols to ensure health safety. is playing its part to prove to be an impetus platform in order to spread the words of awareness. What can be better than saving humanity at this hour of despair and disease? We hope that humanity successfully fights away the pandemic.

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