CM Approves Dubai-like New City along River Ravi

Lahore: Sardar Usman Ahmed Khan Buzdar, Punjab Chief Minister (CM) has recently approved the development of a Dubai-like new city along the banks of River Ravi in Northern Lahore.The establishment of a modern zone in the vicinity of the metropolitan city Lahore is to be implemented by the River Urban Development Authority (RUDA).

The project will initiate soon for establishment of RUDA while CM will be leading the project as authority’s chairman. The main goal will be to level up the game of modernization and uplift the flood-prevention and safety mechanisms to keep the city safe. In order to keep away the flood waters, the provincial government is planning to construct 3 barrages and a big reservoir to meet the water-needs of the new community.

RUDA is working to save the dying river and convert it into a fresh-water body. This is what we call sustainable development; RUDA will be introducing waste water treatment plants along the river to keep the water-cycle running smoothly.


  • City model: Dubai
  • Area: 100,000 acres
  • Investment Prospects: PKR 5 trillion to be fetched by the private sector
  • Is all set to solve the issues of congestion and water shortage in Lahore
  • Residential, High-rise Commercial Buildings will be spread around the city

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